Watching T.V. Online (or “Grazie Mille, Jon Stewart!”)

Ciao Readers!

Now, I have already admitted I watch too much t.v. in a previous post.  I guess I find it comforting.  Little did I know that when you try and watch something you can watch for free in the U.S. online here (like on ABC, CBS, etc.) you get the following message:

I have read that you can buy a U.S. ispn or some such thing so that it appears your computer is located in the U.S. – I am a little weary of that approach at the moment.  You can also buy otherwise free t.v. shows on iTunes ($49.99 for the new season of “The Big Bang Theory” – gasp!).

However, unlike every other television station, Comedy Central lets you watch The Daily Show (and the Colbert Report) for free from Italy (and I’m guessing elsewhere) online.  I discovered this when I was in Bologna by myself in the Spring and getting my weekly dose of Jon Stewart was, and continues to be, one of my biggest comforts here.  While I would never consider myself a groupie (though we have seen him live in NY and I just happened to be in D.C. for a conference and got to attend the “Rally to Restore Sanity“), I never miss an episode.  No matter how many lines I have waited in or how much bureaucracy I have faced, I know Jon Stewart will be there waiting for me and for 20+ minutes I will relax, laugh, and feel like myself (and, like many other people, get most of my knowledge of current events).  So, Grazie Mille, Jon Stewart!!!  (WOW – another Emmy and “thanks” from me all in one week!)

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