Watching T.V. Online (or “Grazie Mille, Jon Stewart!”)

Ciao Readers!

Now, I have already admitted I watch too much t.v. in a previous post.  I guess I find it comforting.  Little did I know that when you try and watch something you can watch for free in the U.S. online here (like on ABC, CBS, etc.) you get the following message:

I have read that you can buy a U.S. ispn or some such thing so that it appears your computer is located in the U.S. – I am a little weary of that approach at the moment.  You can also buy otherwise free t.v. shows on iTunes ($49.99 for the new season of “The Big Bang Theory” – gasp!).

However, unlike every other television station, Comedy Central lets you watch The Daily Show (and the Colbert Report) for free from Italy (and I’m guessing elsewhere) online.  I discovered this when I was in Bologna by myself in the Spring and getting my weekly dose of Jon Stewart was, and continues to be, one of my biggest comforts here.  While I would never consider myself a groupie (though we have seen him live in NY and I just happened to be in D.C. for a conference and got to attend the “Rally to Restore Sanity“), I never miss an episode.  No matter how many lines I have waited in or how much bureaucracy I have faced, I know Jon Stewart will be there waiting for me and for 20+ minutes I will relax, laugh, and feel like myself (and, like many other people, get most of my knowledge of current events).  So, Grazie Mille, Jon Stewart!!!  (WOW – another Emmy and “thanks” from me all in one week!)

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  1. The only thing better than watching The Daily Show here in Italy is following it up with The Colbert Report!!!

  2. Hope, A lot of expats I know buy the US Isp address so that they can watch movies on NetFlix, but I am of a different mind when it comes to living abroad. I do occasionally want to see American movies, and I read the US newspapers online. But for me, I feel it’s important to watch the Italian news, listen to Italian political talk shows and see Italian movies or films dubbed in Italian with no English subtitles. It not only helps me improve my language, but I am immersed in the culture that I have chosen to be a part of. My guilty pleasure, however, IS the Daily Show!! Who could live without Jon??

    • Thanks for posting! I totally agree – although my Italian is so basic that I like to watch familiar (i.e. U.S.) shows in Italian – it helps me get the language better when I have a basic idea of what’s up.


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