Sundays in the Park

Every town in Italy (and in Europe from what I’ve seen) has these wonderful parks… The park is beautiful, for sure (I forgot what the color GREEN looks like!), but is so much more…

The park is the gathering place for friends and family, old men playing games, couples smooching on benches, friends sharing a coffee at the park cafe, and diversions of every kind.  I have gone to the park on several Sundays and have admired the life therein from afar – sometimes venturing to take a jog, but not wanting to sit at the little cafes alone.  I can’t wait until Steve and I are here together and we can walk to the park and sit at one of the little tables with flowers and have a cappuccino (only before noon) and people watch.

Here are a few shots from earlier today – Spring is here and the flowers are blooming, the performers are performing and there are little horses for children to ride…  Oh, and the occasional “Bella” from an Italian passerby doesn’t hurt either…

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  1. Selma Rockett

     /  April 8, 2012

    Hope–this looks alot like Oslo; lots of parks; almost every other block in norway. It seems we (in America) have lost the art of Parks! i think they have been replaced by Malls.!!


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