Back…even further!

When I started this blog (yesterday), I had no idea I would wake up with “followers” who were folks I didn’t already know!  So, I feel compelled to go back a bit further and explain how we got to where this blog picks up – moving from NM to Italy…

It started in 2002 when we came up with a 5-year plan to save for 5 years, then quit everything and see the world.  In 2008 we did just that – and ya know what – the world is COOL!   Especially Europe!  We loved our time here and have been trying to find a way back ever since.

I’ll skip the not-very-interesting handful of years in between and get us to my birthday this past January.  That was the day Steve was in London interviewing at the Counsel of International Schools job fair.  As you may know, he is currently a SPED Administrator, but was interviewing for teaching positions all over Europe.  He had several job offers and much interest, but as soon as the offer from the International School of Florence came through, all others fell aside – as Italy was our true goal!  Nice birthday present, yes?   We both love Italy (and not JUST for the food) and it will get us within a Ryan air flight or train ride to the rest of Europe – pretty darn cool!!!

In any case, here we are -with me as the “scouting party” – coming early as I had the time to learn some Italian and find a place to live (and learn a hundred little unexpected lessons in the process).

I share a couple of photos from that 2008 trip – the most wonderful chocolatier in the world – Dumon in Brugge; us in our new country, and a photo from our new city….Thanks for reading!

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  1. Maria

     /  April 11, 2012

    Dear Speranza!!!

    I haven’t spent so much time with you as we were in different groups but I find your blog entertaining and not just a little inspirational!!!

    I will keep that phares in my mind “It started in 2002 when we came up with a 5-year plan to save for 5 years, then quit everything and see the world. In 2008 we did just that”

    Glad that I’ve met you!


    • Ciao Mario!
      Thanks so much for reading! It was great meeting you and all the interesting students from around the world. Guest bedroom in Florence for you all anytime!

  2. Hope, thanks for checking out our blog, but more importantly…another New Mexican in Florence?! We left NM (University area of ABQ) too long ago but it still feels like “home” to me. We’ve been in Florence for a few months now and if you’d like to have coffee (or something that takes a LITTTTLE longer than coffee in Italy!) I’d love to visit with you. (Loved the post about Int’l House Hunters… I had NO idea.)


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