World’s Most Expensive Tortilla Chips (or “ridiculous Italian customs”)

Ciao Readers!

Today I am sharing with you (only figuratively, as it’s all for me & Steve!) the wonderfully thoughtful care package my sis-in-law sent (thanks again!!!).  As you may recall, back when, I had a post entitled “Groceries of My Dreams.”  Well, my sis-in-law decided to send some of those things, as well as some other goodies.  Very thoughtful of her, yes?  And I bet she paid alot more to ship it here than the cost of the actual contents of the box….

So, you would think sending it DHL and paying a large fee would get our box here easily.  Ha!  (Have you not been paying attention this past year?)  NOTHING in Italy is that easy.  First came the forms (there are ALWAYS forms).  Since this was “food” (I’m not sure 4 out of 5 nutritionist would agree), it required a Ministry of Health form.  With that, we had to send Steve’s passport and permesso (why on earth would a jar of Fluff require all this?!?!).  And then for the final insult to injury….wait for it….

For receiving a wonderful gift, we had the privilege of having to pay customs 81 euros to hand over the box (about $105.00)!!!   So, I am pretty sure at this point we are now in the possession (though not for long) of the world’s most expensive tortilla chips.  (As I opened the bag and began to eat them I would count with each one, “one dollar, two dollars….”).  But man, are they good!

Some of the goodies we got:

car pack

The moral of today’s post is:  Be careful what you wish for!

The Groceries of My Dreams

Ciao Readers!

In looking back through this blog, it’s almost scary how much time I spend thinking about food…  and here I am again (sorry, you have to wait till Monday to read about the Guggenheim!).  Sometimes in life ya just gotta give in and spend some time wistfully daydreaming about things; for me that means dreaming of what I would buy at the grocery if I could (i.e., if it were available, not if I could afford it [like caviar]).   Here’s the stuff dreams are made of:

Groceries I Dream About Now

  • Poore Brothers’  jalapeno potato chips
  • a bag of restaurant-style extra thin/crispy tortilla chips
  • really HOT salsa to dip those chips in (a nice local NM favorite like Sadie’s or El Pinto)
  • roasted green chiles (this time of year, ones that were fresh-frozen)
  • Tostito’s queso (yeah, I know, not very glamorous, but add green chile and YUM!)
  • a bag of shredded cheddar/Monterrey jack/Colby mix
  • pecans
  • ziploc bags
  • sour cream that’s sour (and yogurt that’s got a bite)
  • good quality cold cuts of the non-pork variety
  • Reese’s peanut-butter cups, Andes mints, Hershey’s kisses (it’s weird, they have yummy chocolate here [though rather hazelnut-centric], I just miss my comfort candies)
  • 100% juice other than orange (ooooo, maybe a nice pomegranate/cranberry combo)

(There are many other foods about which I dream – huevos, bagels, pho, pad thai – but this list was solely for the grocery store in my dreams.)

And, as it is my goal to be “fair and balanced,” I also include a list of:

Groceries I’ll Dream of Back in the States

  • several varieties of fresh pesto
  • many varieties of delicious prosciutto
  • countless varieties of pecorino cheese
  • truffle stuff! (sauce, butter, cheese, spread)
  • fresh (and CHEAP) loaves of Italian bread
  • dry pasta in every shape and size you could imagine (also CHEAP), and tons of fresh pasta as well
  • Ciobar (ridiculously thick hot chocolate mix)
  • whole rabbits (okay, that one will actually be in my grocery nightmares…)

Ah, the stuff of dreams:  poorebrotherssalsa

What groceries would you/do you miss if you couldn’t/can’t get them?

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