McDonald’s (and other “restaurants”)

I had no idea having a blog was going to feel like such a responsibility!  I don’t want to waste your time with trivial posts, but at the same time, I can only be profound part of the time.  Today, we talk about McDonald’s, next time something more substantive…

Somehow the Europeans have managed to make even McDonald’s chyc…

Last time we were in Bologna there was a McDonald’s (much to our surprise)  – now there are two!  But the more interesting thing is how chyc they are – there is an outdoor patio that looks like every other cafe in Italy and well-dressed people spending an hour+ eating their McDonald’s tiramisu and sipping their McDonald’s cafe macchiatos (yes, they also have hamburgers and fries).  The McDonald’s usually manage to be in the swankiest places and make for the least expensive opportunity to sit in a cafe and people-watch.

Okay, I have to admit, though don’t tell anyone (oh, yeah, public blog…)  I actually grabbed some fries from a McDonald’s late one night on my way back from apartment hunting (audible GASPS go here).  Seriously, though, if our McDonald’s looked like this we might feel differently about them:

Lest you worry about my culinary sensibilities, I also had the MOST magnificent seafood risotto here (see photos at bottom):

And enjoyed a tasting plate of seafood crudo and handmade pasta with vongole (clams) and mussels here:

Finally, I must add that the stereo-type of Italians eating late is very true – went to dinner at 8:00 one night and we were the VERY first people there!  Since I couldn’t get used to people saying we should meet at 9:00 to GO to dinner, I mostly ate lunch.  Buon Appetito!



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