Wishing you a bright 2022!

Ciao Readers!

So, seeing that my last post was from this same time last year (or are we just trapped in some type of Matrix?), I think I have broken my own record for the longest I haven’t blogged. I did not want the year to pass without saying “hello,” wishing you a Happy New Year, and at least re-sharing some cool photos from back in Denver (I am home in NM now). Merry Merry!

Happy Holidays from the Blossoms of Lights (from 2020)

Ciao Readers and Happy Holidays!
I thought I’d ring out the old year and welcome the new with the wonders of the Denver Botanic Garden’s Blossom of Lights (with the help of a gorgeous evening sky). Walk with me as the evening progresses…

Wishing you and yours healthy and peaceful holidays and much joy in 2021!

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