Florence Fall Food Festival Photo Fun!

Ciao Readers!

Yes, the alliteration and food festivals continue!  There have pretty much been non-stop festivals since September, but apparently November is the month for even more festivities.  There is a month-long ongoing food and cultural festival in town – complete with lectures, art exhibits (stay tuned for a future blog), and of course – food!  It’s not only wine and olive harvest season, but the season of my most favorite delicacy – truffles!

In addition to this big event, there are small food festivals popping up in different piazzas all the time.  The first weekend of November there was one in the piazza across from Sant’ Ambrogio market, which we discovered totally by accident when we went to do shopping.  This festival (pictured first, with red and blue tables) was off the tourist trail, so the tasting portions were more generous and the truffle guy even took time to “pose” his truffles for my photo (the next photos are from the festival in Piazza della Repubblica the following weekend).  We got this great spicy vegetable spread (pictured wrapped like a firecracker) and munched on yummy sweets from Sicily (also pictured).

Since I think this is definitely a case where a photo is worth more than words, I’ll stop talking and just let you see for yourself.  Enjoy!

European Food Festival

Ciao Readers!

Today I am taking you to a festival!  This past Thursday – Sunday was the “International European Market” in Piazza Santa Croce (which just happens to be right outside my Italian school).  I discovered it after class on Thursday and then brought Steve back for dinner that night.

The festival is pretty much what you would picture from the title – lots of booths with foodstuffs from around Europe, as well as other handmade goods (wooden shoes, soaps, dolls, etc.).  There was lots of food from Austria and Germany (think wurst) and a little bit from elsewhere in Europe.  The piazza smelled like cooking meat and fried dough – Yum!  Now I suppose, objectively speaking, it wasn’t the most amazing festival ever, but, in a way it was…

I love festivals (right now I am seriously missing the International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, which I wrote about with photos here).  I love everything about festivals – the festive atmosphere, the eating of random fried things you would never eat at home (and overpaying for them willingly), the people watching….  Usually, in order to go to a festival, we would have to plan, get in the car, and find parking in some huge lot far from our destination (and pay for the privilege).  So, what made this festival so very cool was the fact that we could just walk out the door, and viola!  (well, after a bit of a walk, voila!).   If it weren’t for the waiting in lines at the post and going through the immigration process (and not having a clothes dryer, and living on the 4th floor, and…..), living in Italy would be like living in a never-ending festival!  I suppose this ongoing merriment is the reward for all the not-as-fun parts.

Below are some shots of the festival by day, as well as one in the evening (pretty, yes?), and of course of our respective dinners (hint, mine still has its face).  Enjoy!

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