There’s No Going Home Again (A trip to Florence)

Ciao Readers!

So, before I even left home, I had planned a blog post with this title.  I had imagined it as an allegory for how much things and people change – especially me.  Aside from the fact that we are all totally replaced every 7-10 years (all of our cells that is), I feel very far away from the person who lived here 5 years ago.  At least I did until today, when I walked around Firenze all day and found that nothing much had changed.  It’s really weird – the shops are almost all the same (plus some new vape stores), the shopkeepers are all the same (they don’t even look like they’ve aged), the kebabs at Mesopotamia are still delicious, the Bargello is still a quiet refuge hidden from the throngs of tourists, the Ponte Vecchio is still picturesque, and the aperitivo at Serafini is still the best (though more expensive now).  So, I guess you can go home again, and instead of a philosophical lecture, all I have for you today are some photos, which look very similar to ones posted here 5 years ago….. (with some new Clet street signs and a new foodie floor to Mercato Centrale)….Buona giornata!

Wondering around Florence:



The Bargello:



New additions:



Cafe/Pasticerria Serafini

Ciao Readers!

Today I want to give you an up-close look at one of my favorite finds in our neighborhood.  As I mentioned in the previous post, this little foodie find is so special it gets an entire post to itself!  I only wish I could give you a taste as well…

When we first got here, this place was nothing but a closed metal grate with an unremarkable sign we didn’t even notice.  Then one day when I was out and about I saw it begin to come to life…  From the outside it is pretty nondescript, but once you get inside you are faced with a case of culinary wonders (photos below), as well as very kind staff who are willing to help me learn the words for all the different types of food.  I can’t stop going there!

I go there for a morning “pasta” (breakfast pastry)(but not too often); I go there for lunch (where you can get a single selection or do “mezza e mezza”  [half-and-half], and they have everything from fresh chicken salads to pasta dishes to grilled vegetables and baby octopus with spinach [yum!]); I stop on the way home when I’ve had a trying day (or just a day) and get some pastries “da portare via” (to take away); I’ve stopped for mini-pastries to bring to class (pictured below) and; we’ve been there for the evening “aperitivo.”  The aperitivo goes from about 6:30 – 8:30 and for 7 euros you get the beverage (alcoholic or not) of your choice and free range of the marvelous buffet (pictured below) (again, you don’t approach this Vegas-style here, but you can definitely get your fill).  Everything is so delicious and reasonably priced and the people are so nice – I really can’t say enough about Serafini!  And now that I’ve talked about it so much, I think I am a bit peckish…

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