River of Lights!!!

Ciao Readers! Happy Festivus!

So, while I have one more Italy blog in me (“Siena’s 500+ year-old Palio: violent horse race or community therapy?”), it’s going to take some research and be a little heady, and after the melancholy note on which I left my last post, I thought I’d share some holiday cheer….

Tonight we went to the River of Lights, a ginormous light display throughout the Albuquerque Botanical Gardens.  The display has over 500 sculptures and millions of bulbs, requiring workers to start setting it up in early October (using over 90,000 zip-ties)! Next to the Balloon Fiesta, I think it’s my most favorite (non-edible) thing about Albuquerque.  So, instead of blather on about it, I’ll share it as best I can (notice one of the quirky new additions, a UFO over the corn field):


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  1. Faith lewis

     /  November 29, 2017

    Looks a lot like our Houston Zoo lighting!

    • Oooo, now I want to see that, too! I always remember some neighborhood in Houston where every house on every street was decorated and each street had a theme – snowmen, angels, etc.

  2. Stunning. Does the fly disappear when the salamander tongue lashes out?? And please tell Steve to step away from that spider web… It’s creepy.

  3. Hope: I’m so pleased that you were able to visit and share one of our true New Mexico treasures – the annual “River of Lights” at the Albuquerque BioPark Botanic Garden. I am a docent with the Rio Grande Zoo, which along with the Botanic Garden, makes up the the four elements of the BioPark. The other two are the Aquarium and also Tingley Beach. I am a recent transplant/retiree here to Albuquerque and this was my wife and my first time to see “River of Lights” as well. Many of your pictures are almost identical to the ones which I took and posted to my own blog. It’s hard to take a bad picture while you are there. I have posts about both “River of Lights” and the “Balloon Fiesta” on my own blog … https://pearlsnmblog.wordpress.com/. If you return, another site I might recommend is the National Museum of Nuclear Science. I just wrote and posted a review of that, with some pictures, on my blog as well.

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