Hawaii on My Mind (a photo anthology)

Ciao Readers!  Or, more appropriately – “Aloha!”

Today I am taking you on a trip to Hawaii – Maui, to be precise.   Have I mentioned that I LOVE Hawaii?!?!?  Long before I ever stepped foot in Italy or any other country, there was Hawaii (fun fact – I actually used to have a website called “missinghawaii.com”!).  While I’ll take a trip abroad any day, Hawaii keeps calling me back – there’s just something about it – the aloha spirit, the sound of waves crashing on the shore, the seafood (yum!).  I can’t help but be in a happy, relaxed frame of mind when I’m in Hawaii; I’ve noticed it’s the only place we travel where I’m never “ready to go home” (which I usually am after awhile anywhere else).  Anyway, instead of more rambling, enjoy the beauty of the ocean, the marine life, and the rainbows – as seen last week….

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  1. vera ersilia

     /  July 18, 2015


  2. Sigh, 3 years since we were there.

  3. Peter

     /  July 18, 2015

    As I recall, your Hawaii website was more than just about missing Hawaii…it was an exploration on what it would take to MOVE to Hawaii and live there, que no?

    • Hmmmm….honestly all I remember about the site was there was a page about each island (which that took alot of research), and that I had a Hawaiian products online store (a bust)….of course, all of that was with the ultimate goal of moving there in mind….

  4. Michele Hadley

     /  July 19, 2015

    Just went in May…agree totally! Check out my FB page, my pics are there. I would go back and stay if I could!!!!

    Make it a wonderful day!


    • Hey there! Nice to hear from you! I’ll check out your pics for sure – checked out condo prices when we were there – egad!

  5. Such lovely photos and so pleased that you’re one of the few who REALLY visits your “happy place.” ☺


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