My Dream Trips – And Yours! (An interactive poll)

Ciao Readers!

So, starting this blog back up has me thinking about traveling (even more than usual, if that’s possible).  There are so many places left to go…and so many places to which I want to return!  (Do you think it’s weird with so many new places to explore it seems we keep going back to places – Italy, France, Belgium, Hawaii….?)   I have to admit, I am in awe and feel a little lame for not truly venturing out like our friends from goal42.  In the three years they travelled they braved such things as elective hernia surgery in Vietnam, being hustled in Egypt, and exploring throughout Southern Africa.  Makes me feel pretty timid since I wouldn’t even consider living in an apartment in Italy without a/c!!!

In any case, we have one great trip planned (in reality) and several others planned (in my mind). I thought it would be fun to share those trips in the form of a poll and ask you to pick your favorite.  It will be nifty to see what interests you and other folks as I give you a peak into the adventures to come.  By the way, I have been thinking that you all must wonder how we can afford all of our super cool adventures.  Well, one of the main ways is that we fly, a majority of the time (I’d say 75 – 80%), using air miles.  Which then got me to thinking that a very useful future post would be “how to travel on air miles”  (trust me, it’s an art-form I am still learning).  So, that’s exactly what I plan on working on!  Until then:

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  1. I’d almost forgotten being hustled in Cairo… good memories! Looking forward to the air miles post. I’m not as proactive as I should be in coconsolidating my bills on a credit card and I’m sure you’ll have some other great tips.

    • 😉 The miles post keeps growing though I am still not sure I’m offering anything useful….we shall see….

  2. Madeline

     /  April 30, 2015

    We’ll be watching for those tips, it sounds like you will have some really good advise!

  3. I don’t know how good…

  4. Istanbul and Holland are our next trips. We had Galapagos booked before I decided I wanted hardwood floors instead!

  5. Sounds interesting! I have to admit, I’m a little timid about Istanbul. Well, hardwood floors are nice…..


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