A Day by the Sea

Ciao Readers!

Whew – that last post took a lot of time (and brain cells)!   So, today we’re just going on a leisurely “road trip” to the ocean.  This past Saturday Steve and I decided to get out of town and go see the sea (a novelty coming from New Mexico which is nowhere near an ocean), so we took a 2-hour train ride (with a connection in Pisa) and went to Castiglioncello (just south of Livorno on your map).  We had never heard of this little seaside town, but it was supposed to be beautiful (and relatively close).   Since my purpose today is not educational, I will leave you to your own devices to learn more about the town if you so choose, here.

I am guessing that when this town (Florence) was relatively emptied of locals during ferie, they were all here in Castiglioncello.  Fortunately for us, on a rainy overcast day in late September it was all but deserted.  This is a beautiful little seaside town with a walkway that spans the coast.  The actual “beach” (i.e. sand you can lay on) area is fairly small, and in “high” season you would be bumper-to-bumper with other bathers paying 20 – 40 euros for your space (complete with chairs and access to a changing room).  However, for two crazy Americans who have not yet learned to follow the seasons (and persist in listening to their respective off-beat drummers), the sand was ours for the taking.  It was the most peaceful we have felt in two months – not a sound other than the waves rolling in and out – ahhhhh….

Following a nice lazy rest on the beach, we headed along the coastal walkway to find something to eat.  Luckily not everything was closed for the season and we happened upon a lovely seafood restaurant literally right over the sea!   We were the only people who chose to brave the rain (just a drizzle) and eat outside.  Several times the nice waitress came out to see if we had changed our minds and wanted to move inside (we did not [still channeling those goofy drummers]).  Below are a few shots of our lunch as well as the view behind Steve.  After some more leisurely hanging out (digesting) in a park overlooking the sea, we headed back to Florence (direct train this time – yay!) and back into the throngs of tourists outside the train station.

Thanks for coming along to see the sea:

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  1. peter

     /  October 4, 2012

    My envy knows no bounds!! What is that on the skewer on the far side of that delicious-looking plate?

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