Traveling in Europe

Okay, I have to admit after writing that packing post and thinking about all of the work this adventure requires I had fleeting thoughts of retreat.  To redirect myself I re-read some of my own blog posts and decided to contemplate even more cool things about this move… and whatd’ya know – my enthusiasm was renewed!  On that note – ya know another totally awesome thing about living in Italy?  The rest of Europe!!!

I was watching a “No Reservations” episode from Croatia and it really hit me (in addition to the fact that I apparently watch way too much t.v.) that we will be living just a train ride or a €49 Ryanair flight away from everywhere else in Europe!  The way we can now get to Santa Fe, Colorado or Las Vegas, we will be able to go to Venice or Paris.  How cool is that?

When we traveled in 2008 we got to visit many amazing places (and yes, eat lots of yummy food), so I thought I’d reminisce about a few of those and share a few pics from that adventure.  (If you think I am also subliminally trying to tempt you to come to Italy, you are right!).

There were the more famous places, where we had fabulous experiences, including Paris (I took a pastry class at Le Cordon Bleu, we saw the city and the Eiffel Tower decked out for the holidays and climbed the stairs at Notre Dame) and Barcelona (where we went to the amazing La Boqueria food market and spent days exploring the architecture of Antoni Gaudí).  Then there were the lesser known places, where we also had fab, though more “quirky” experiences, such as the breathtaking Plitvice park in Croatia (which we almost never saw as we got stranded in the middle of nowhere Croatia by an ornery bus driver, but were rescued by nice folks at a lodge, who served us the bbq, pictured below [one is a pig, the other…we have no idea!]), Ljubljana in Slovenia (funky cool Euro vibe meets old communist architecture), Brugge in Belgium (where the best chocolates in the world are made…and maybe somewhat known after the Colin Farrell movie “In Bruges”), Orvieto in Italy (where the incredible [and twisted] Signorelli fresco, “The Damned” is painted in a church, and the first place I ever tried real truffles [shaved onto my pasta] – YUM!), and Bath in England (a town so picturesque and storybook-like I seriously expected Hansel & Gretel to come skipping out of the houses).

Here are photos of the places I just described…  Come check it out for yourself!

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  1. mysleepingdragon

     /  May 19, 2012

    It’s always interesting to transition from one lifestyle to another. Vacationing and visiting is a different world than living in it. There will be a different kind of magic once you are settled, a kind of magic that grows with living in a country different than the last place you lived. I prefer Europe, but my husband really need to experience the USA for awhile. He had visited many times and thought he ”knew” it well, but living there changed his point of view dramatically. I am so relieved and glad to be back in Europe, and how fun for us to both try a new country neither of us lived in before! I am looking so forward to watching your experiences unfold!

    • Thank you so much for reading! I appreciate your thoughts – I am sure living in Europe won’t be the fairytale of a vacation, but am looking forward to the experience!

  2. Hope, Just stopped by your blog and I am very happy that you will soon be residents of Florence. I will be back in Orvieto in late fall through January (at least). Let’s keep in touch, and in the meantime I will be following you through this crazy and exciting time. I am envious!!! Buon Viaggio. Toni

  3. You’re right, Europe has so much to offer, and I’m only now starting to take advantage of that, despite having lived in the UK my whole life.

  4. The Kinesthetic Tiger

     /  August 4, 2012

    I applaud you for chasing your dreams. I find nothing more satisfying as throwing caution to the wind and pursuing my passions with reckless abandon.

    “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” ~Hellen Keller


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